Why it is Africa’s turn now

Have you ever thought about why the gospel has not yet permeated every village of the unreached communities of the world? While there are various reasons for this, shocking statistics demonstrate that the average western missionary only spends 3% of their time evangelizing, while the rest of the time is spent on social programs.

The gospel that the Lord initiated has become the "Social Gospel", a gospel that emphasizes the felt needs of the community instead of prioritizing the preaching of the transformative word of God.  

Missionaries go to the unreached as teachers, nurses, doctors, architects, health professionals, counselors, sports instructors, and even IT professionals and pilots, but few are going as church planters, evangelists, and pastors. 

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A key reason for this state of affairs is that missionary work has all but been left to two major players- South Korea and the United States of America. The rest of the world is not contributing its fair share of the work and this has left a gaping hole in the otherwise noble endeavor of these two nations. 

At the height of the missions movement,  Europe and America were leading the church through pioneers like David Livingstone and William Carey, but this has since scaled down to levels where even churches in England are being converted into bars and eating places. Meanwhile, Islam has had its own renaissance and has surged to more than 20% of the population in Marseille, France presenting quite a challenge to the church.

Many churches in Africa and Asia (outside of South Korea) spend less than 1% of their annual budget on all missions. In comparison, American churches spend up to 10% of their budgets on missions whereas Korean churches spend approximately 30%. With about 130 million evangelicals, if only 0.04% of African evangelicals accepted to go, for instance, Africa would become the leading missionary source in the world. We believe that God has a role for Africa in fulfilling world mission in these last days. 

Augustine, Tertullian, and Athanasius, the early church fathers from Africa, helped to define early Christian theology which was well received in Europe. In fact, one can argue that Christianity was born in the middle-east but was nurtured and fed in Africa. Europe played a significant role during the days of Constantine the Roman emperor and thereafter, culminating in the renaissance with the likes of Martin Luther and John Calvin.

After 2000 years, the wheel has spun full circle and it is Africa's opportunity once again to make a definitive impact towards safeguarding and spreading Christianity. As Christianity takes a deep dive in the west, particularly in Europe and North America, the time has come for Africans to make their contribution once again. To begin reaching out to those that have not yet heard the gospel, despite the efforts of the rest of the world. 

Sendusall is a name derived from Isaiah chapter 6 where the prophet Isaiah positively responded to God’s call for a person to send. We are heeding Christ’s calls to reach the nations. There is a great need to motivate the body of Christ in the Global South to raise their budget for missions and to send and support more missionaries.

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